Hema Malini in hospital

Bollywood’s Dream Girl Hema Malini was recently involved in a car accident. Her car had crashed with an Alto car carrying a family in it. In the mishap Four-year-old Sonam lost her life. The actress was immediately taken to Fortis Hospital where she was treated for a minor fracture on her nose and also underwent surgery for her wounds.

The father of the little girl who lost her life in the accident was quite desolated, as he felt that his child could have been saved had she been rushed to a hospital with the actress. Sonam’s mother is still in dark about her daughter’s death.


Sonam’s father Hanuman Mahajan said, “My little girl died in the lap of her mother in car. It is sad that mother is also struggling for survival in polytrauma ward in SMS and she is not knowing that Sonam is no more. For about “20-25 minutes our family of five” lay bleeding on the road in the crashed car, as a doctor took Hema Malini and others in his car to Jaipur’s Fortis hospital. We all were attended by Dausa Police, and the hospital had poor condition to tackle our injuries.”

Mahajan’s wife Shikha, her brother’s wife Seema are being treated in Poly-trauma ward, while son Somil is in serious condition in ICU.

Hema Malini’s driver Ramesh Chand Thakur, was arrested at Kotwali Thana in Dausa. The actress has been released from the hospital.

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