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Ramesh Sippy directed Sholay enjoys cult status in Indian cinema to date. The film made careers of many actors like Hema Malini, Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan, and Amjad Khan among others. However, the film’s journey was not easy. From Sholay going over-budget, Hema Malini dancing in scorching heat to it being criticized for long runtime, the film saw many roadblocks. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Ramesy Sippy reveals how he dealt with hurdles on his way that came during Sholay’s release.

Ramesh Sippy on Sholay going over budget and Hema Malini dancing while wearing plaster

When asked if Sholay’s success had taken a toll on Ramesh Sippy as it shattered several records, the filmmaker said, “I don’t think so. I always wanted to do something different. So for me it was not like I again have to make such a film.”

The film was backed by GP Sippy who was finest entrepreneurs of that time. The film which was supposed to be made at a budget of 1 crore went to 3 crores. Ramesh Ji shares if the film’s budget pressurized him. He remarks, “I didn’t feel the pressure. It is because I got so involved in the film, that if it was taking time I insisted on getting what I wanted. And I kept waiting. Whether it was for a perfect light or perfect shot or any other factor like even the heat where Hema Malini had to dance and bechari ne paav ke niche plaster laga ke naachi. Nange paav nachna tha. (Hema Malini had put plaster beneath her foot during Sholay shoot. She was supoosed to dance barefoot). So it was amazing how she went through it. Because you put your foot on that stone in that heat it’s impossible to stand there and she did it. So it was brilliant. “

On Sholay being criticised initially due to long runtime

“Emergency ka bhi waqt tha uss samay tho 12 baje Tak show khatam. Agar 4 show karne hai toh toh subah 9 baje ka show rakhna tha not 12 baje. Toh wo mushkil ho raha tha. Humein kaha gaya ki agar 20 minute kaato toh sab shows sahi honge. Then Salim-javed and I sat together and suggested to chop off the comedy scenes. After this, the runtime of film became 3 hours and then shows were organised. The one who watched the film and talked about gabbar or surma bhopali demanded those scenes. So it had to be added again”, Ramesh Ji shares.

He further recalls, “Sholay mein audience interval mein uthi hi nai. (The audience didn’t get up during interval in Sholay). Bahar drinks wala keh raha tha ki mere drink bikk nahi rahe. I told him don’t worry when the songs will play people will come and have it.”

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