Shreyas Talpade

Following his brief stint in Bollywood and advent into Marathi cinema, actor Shreyas Talpade will now be entering the world of television as a host of “Savdhaan India”. He says he will channel the voice of a ‘common man’ and try to bring change in society through the show.

The actor will be hosting the first edition of “Savdhaan Maharashtra – Fight Back Now” that will focus on Maharashtra-centric crime narratives.


“With the growing incidence of crime, that often goes unnoticed and in most cases causes more painful irreparable damage to the victim than to the perpetrator, the angst in me against such crime and incidents has been growing manifold,” Shreyas, who has also tried his hand at film production, said in a statement.

The “Iqbal” fame actor lauds the show for its effort in bringing a victim’s fight to the forefront by talking about crime and its impact on families.

“’Savdhaan India’, which projects real incidents that not only bring to the fore the crime committed by people, but also highlight the struggle of a common man to fight injustice helps me effectively channelise that angst and more importantly help create awareness and consciousness amongst all.

“The singular hope here being that I, as a humble representative of the common man, am able to help reduce such crime and more importantly help victims in their fight for justice,” he added.

The new edition of the show, which is aired on Life OK, will replace “Savdhaan Punjab -Fight Back” which was hosted by Sourabh Raaj Jain on the weekend slot starting June 20.

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