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Siddhanth Kapoor injured during ‘Bombairiya’ shoot

Actor Siddhanth Kapoor, who will be seen vrooming around on a pink scooter in his next film “Bombairiya”, met with an accident while shooting for a Chase sequence.

But the actor went ahead to complete the scene and says that the incident brought him closer to his reel character.

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“Accidents happen on sets all the time, but I didn’t want the schedule to go to waste. The scooter is an extension of my character in the film and this accident has actually managed to forge a real relationship between me and my ride,” Siddhanth said in a statement.

According to a source, Siddhanth, who is playing the role of a courier boy in the film, hurt himself while filming a scene where he had to escape at high speed.

“He managed a stunt on day two of shoot and wanted to give it another go. This time, some loose concrete made the bike slide and part company with the actor,” said a source.

Directed by Pia Sukanya, the film is an ode to Mumbai.

Siddhanth’s dedication left Sukanya quite impressed.

“I was scared out of my wits when I saw the accident happen. It was weird how Siddhanth was actually pacifying and telling me that he will be alright when I should have been doing that for him. His energy and dedication is such an asset to the film,” Sukanya said.

The film is being produced by India-born British producer Michael Ward.

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