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Actress Swara Bhasker is well-known for her outspoken personality, often making headlines for sharing her views openly on social media. The Raanjhanaa actress has faced backlash over time for her candidness. Recently, Swara discussed losing friends due to her differing political views.

In a recent interview, Swara was asked about the impact of personal beliefs on professional relationships. She acknowledged that it can be challenging to even maintain a cordial relationship with some people.

Swara Bhasker on losing friends over her political views

Speaking to Connect Cine, Swara said, “What is unfortunate is that sometimes, it is hard to even maintain a cordial relationship. But it’s okay. People say you lose friends over politics. But I saw a meme the other day that said that I have not lost friends over politics, I have lost friends over morals. And I like that a lot.” She continued, “Because your politics reflects your morality, your principles. It shows your ethical value system. So, if I don’t respect your ethical value system, then how can we stay friends?”

Swara emphasised that it is better to stay away in such cases rather than maintaining a false pretence. “If you can justify and celebrate murder, then I can’t stay friends with you, as simple as that,” she concluded.

Swara shares her view on Kangana Ranaut getting slapped

In the same interview, Swara also addressed an incident involving Kangana Ranaut at Chandigarh airport. She remarked, “Anybody who is a reasonable person will say that whatever happened with Kangana was wrong.” She added, “Kangana just got slapped–and even that should not have happened–but at least she is alive, and has her security around. In this country, people have lost their lives, they’ve been lynched to death, shot dead in a train by a security personnel, in riots, security personnel have been recorded beating up people.Those who are justifying all these acts should not come and lecture us about Kangana’s case.”

The feud between Kangana and Swara began when Kangana referred to Swara and Taapsee Pannu as ‘B-grade actresses’. Later, in a chat with The Bombay Journey, Swara responded, “I just felt that Kangana calling me and Taapsee B-grade actors was an invitation to talk. So, we should talk. Also, it’s a democracy and everyone has the right to speak. My only logic is, that if you are speaking, then I will also speak. I will also share my opinion.”

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