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T-Series might dethrone PewDiePie on YouTube as the most subscribed channel!

Image Source - Lad Bible and India TV

Popular Swedish content creator and YouTuber Felix Kjellberg is known for being the most subscribed channel on YouTube. However, the YouTuber is facing a threat to his popularity from none other than Indian music record label T-Series.

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Yes, if the latest reports are to be believed, then very soon T -Series might leave behind PewDiePie and take up the number one position on YouTube as the most subscribed channel. If the predictive algorithm from Socialblade.com is taken into account, then by the end of November 2018, T-Series will dethrone PewDiePie.

You can check out their predictive algorithm here:

Image Source - SocialBlade.com

Currently, the total subscribers of PewDiePie are 65 million whereas T-Series has 60 million subscribers. The reason behind the T-Series’ tremendous growth is being credited to the ever-increasing number of Indians using the Internet.

Image Source - YouTube
Image Source - YouTube

Excited by the competition, PewDiePie has posted a video in which he can be heard urging Indians to smash subscribe so that his spot remains untouched. The YouTuber says in jest, “I challenge T-Series into a sabre fight. Like real men. I’m throwing my glove at you T-Series. Fight me. IRL. To the death. No boxing gloves or helmets,”

You can check his video here:

Now, whats remarkable about PewDiePie is that he is an individual who is fighting for the top spot with a music production company T-Series.

It’s only a matter of time when T-Series will claim the top spot. Till then, stay tuned for more such interesting updates.

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