Tanishk Bagchi: My personal intention has not always been to recreate and I definitely push my original music first

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Tanishk Bagchi is known as the ‘King of Remixes’ as he has recreated most of the old classics. Very few people know that Tanishk has composed many original songs like ‘Banno’ (Tanu Weds Manu Returns), ‘Bolna’ (Kapoor And Sons), ‘Ve Mahi’ (Kesari), and ‘Makhna’ (Drive) among others. He sometimes feels hurt by the fact that some people still don’t that he has also written and composed original songs apart from remixes.

He said, “Even if you recreate a song, you have to create the song first. So, when people ask why recreation songs work and what they are different, I say, ‘The difference is that I create a recreation song just like the original song’. I arrange the song completely. When people call me ‘King of Remix’, I actually appreciate it because it’s music only. But sometimes I feel it is becoming too much. People tell me that I don’t know how to recreate, then I get a little unhappy because I have done so many songs that people don’t know that I have written and composed and that hurts a little bit. But I go with the flow. When songs come, I just enjoy it and when people enjoy my song, I am happy with that. I don’t expect much as I’m enjoying my work and happy that by God’s grace, I am getting work.”


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He added, “Recreation is a very risky thing but thankfully whatever songs I have done are accepted by people. Every song of mine is recreated with an intention. I make it a point that my song should have the element of the original song. People don’t know most of the songs like ‘Aankh Maare’ from ‘Tere Mere Sapne’. Youngsters didn’t know about the song. So, it’s my responsibility to make people know that there are songs like that which can be reproduced in the current genre and sound and present it to them. The main purpose of recreation is to make the mass aware that there are good songs and instead of playing other languages songs, for example, Latin, we should play our own songs and present in our own genre and that will help our culture more. That’s my main intention and that’s why most of the songs have worked for me.”

On talking about criticism that he often receives for his recreated songs, Tanishk said, “It’s a part of the journey. You can’t expect all the songs to be superhit but you can expect that out of 10 songs, atleast 5 songs people appreciate and that is enough for me. Whatever music I do, mostly the producer wants me to do it. My personal intention has not always been to recreation. I definitely push my original music first and if they require and have a situation they want an old song, then I take the opportunity because if I don’t do, someone else will. Again, it’s teamwork and I have to follow the director and producer as they are putting so much money and time in it. So, I cannot just start judging them why are you doing recreation. If they require it for a certain situation, then it’s my purpose to recreate it by putting an effort into it.”

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