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OMG! Urvashi Rautela defends Boney Kapoor again for touching her inappropriately

Image Source - Instagram

Urvashi Rautela is being trolled since yesterday for trying to defend Boney Kapoor for touching her inappropriately in a viral video. The actress’ fans have been blasting her for not getting pissed at Boney Kapoor and rather getting pissed at the media for having brought out the video. Now, we understand that Boney Kapoor hadn’t done anything intentionally, but still trolls are saying that she shouldn’t have defended the act. Now, the actress has once again gone on record to try and slam the trolls for badmouthing Boney Kapoor.

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Speaking to SpotboyE.com the actress said, “I am flabbergasted that social media users jump to conclusions and don’t even pause to understand what they are doing to someone. This is nothing but a case of trying to damage someone’s reputation without using brains. I fully stand by Mr Boney Kapoor. He is a man of dignity. I request people to stop trolling him. Mr Kapoor is not at fault.”

This isn’t the first time that she has defended Boney. In a Twitter poster yesterday, she had blasted a newspaper and said, “Presumably one of the India’s ‘SUPREME’ newspaper and this is ‘NEWS’!!?? Please dont talk about GIRL POWER or WOMEN’S LIBERATION when YOU don’t know how to RESPECT/HONOUR GIRLS (sic).

She went on to add, “I felt appalled and beyond shocked this morning when I saw social media flooded with trolls of me in a video with respected @BoneyKapoor Sir. He is a true Gentleman and it makes me feel extremely unhappy and miserable because the social sites/media don’t even think twice before (sic).”

Urvashi went on to also inform that she had previously met Boney Kapoor, and knew that he was a thorough gentleman. Speaking to SpotboyE.com, she further said, “Of course. It’s a very small industry. As I said, Mr Kapoor is a man of dignity and this obviously stems from the interactions I have had with him. Why are videos and pictures interpreted so wrongly and so often on social media? It’s damn irritating.

For those who’ve come in late, here’s the video which went viral online and accused Boney Kapoor of touching Urvashi inappropriately.

Let’s wait and watch whether Boney Kapoor, who has kept mum throughout, comes out and reverts on the incident.

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