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Yo Yo Honey Singh expresses his views on remakes; Read Details

Image Source - Instagram

Yo Yo Honey Singh, who is known for delivering back-to-back chartbuster hits in a year, has an important insight to share about remakes. The singer and composer likes to live his life to the fullest and is a total entertainer.

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Honey Singh has given us many originals as well as blockbuster remakes of songs which have been widely appreciated by the nation. Yo Yo Honey Singh believes that a song (original or remake) should be “technically sound” first, and only then, will it become a hit. The singer also feels that song should be made in such a way that the public can easily understand it and connect with it, musically.

Talking about the same, Yo Yo Honey Singh said, “I think remakes are a good thing and there is nothing wrong about them. I just feel that they should be done in such manner that they don’t harm the flavour of the original song”.

The singer himself has composed remakes of many iconic songs. Sharing the reason behind turning remakes into hits, he says, “My aim, while creating them was that if I am touching a great artist’s work then the artist should also praise the new version.”

Yo Yo Honey Singh also wishes this trend would never stop and expressed, “I feel remakes are a very good thing, and I think more of them should be made. Having said that, remakes should be good, and should always respect the original tune.”

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