Zareen Khan’s strong take on homosexuality is surely a reality check for all

Image Source - Instagram

Zareen Khan is one of the few actresses who never shy away from talking their hearts out. She is currently busy with her upcoming film ‘Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele’, where she portrays a homosexual character. The pretty actress feels that people should be used to normally talk to the elder generation and have a conversation on homosexuality.

After hearing the narration I realised how significant the story is, to come out in films. Although the court has decriminalized Article 377, society and our parents’ generation is certainly not okay with the reality that homosexuals are as normal as all of us. It is just another sexual orientation and nothing more. The young generation is already having a conversation among themselves. Unless society is supportive, how will they live freely?” said Zareen, while talking to IANS.

Zareen went on to add, “I have a friend who is a homosexual and his family is trying to get him married to a girl. He still is unable to tell his parents because they are orthodox. This is a problem many people of the LGBTQ+ community face, so I think we should use the power of cinema to implant the thought of normalcy in people’s minds, especially people who are not well-versed with the topic of homosexuality.

Talking about the movie, Zareen’s film, ‘Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele’, also stars Anshuman Jha, who has also produced the film. It’s being directed by Harish Vyas and will be screened at the South Asian Film Festival in Manhattan on November 22.

Before signing off, Zareen spoke about why ‘Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele’ was special to her. She said, “I had to audition for the role because initially, the makers thought that I have that ‘glamorous image’ from my earlier films, and this film required a girl-next-door image. I auditioned for the role and I am glad that I bagged it.

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