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Kamal Haasan and Sarika’s love story is so much like Bollywood romances

The veteran actor of Bollywood, Kamal Haasan is celebrating his 65th birthday today. Obviously his fans and netizens can’t keep calm on the superstars’ special day.

While the internet is flooded with birthday wishes and some unknown facts of Haasan, here we bring you his complicated yet unique love story with actress Sarika.

Kamal Haasan has entertained the audience with his stellar performances not just as an actor, but also as a director, screenwriter, producer, playback singer, and a lyricist. With his versatility, he has crafted a special place for himself in the industry and among the list of legendary actors in India.

Apart from his professional life, Haasan has always been in the limelight for his personal life as well. Let’s have a look at his Bollywood like romance with actress Sarika.

Kamal Haasan and Sarika’s love story

Kamal Haasan and Sarika’s affair was quite infamous as both of them had been enjoying one of the best phases on their career fronts. Kamal was already married to Vani when he was allegedly dating Sarika. Both of them didn’t bother to keep their relationship under wraps, because of which they had to face a lot of criticism in society. Even before Kamal could legally divorce his wife, Vani Ganapathy (one of the renowned classical dancer), he had started already started living-in with Sarika.

Kamal Haasan and Sarika
Image Source - Instagarm

Live-in relationship and media attention

Back then several reports claimed that the couple were in a live-in relationship. Kamal and Sarika being open about their relationship status had brought them unnecessary attention from all the quarters. They were probably the first Bollywood couple for openly being in a live-in relationship.

Kamal Haasan and Sarika
Image Source - Instagram

Welcomed firstborn out of wedlock

After being in a live-in relationship for a few years, the couple soon welcomed their first daughter, Shruti. Their first child was born out of wedlock. The couple also has another daughter Akshara (both their daughters are popular actress down south and in Bollywood). Surprisingly, Kamal and Sarika got hitched only after the birth of their second daughter.

As their daughters grew up, speculations of the couple opting for divorce started making rounds. Kamal and Sarika’s separation was talks of the town constantly. Reportedly Kamal’s alleged involvement with other women had created a rift between him and Sarika and thus both of them decided to go separate ways.

Kamal Haasan and Sarika
Image Source - Instagram

Seventeen years of togetherness

The couple mutually called it quits, after being together for seventeen long years. While talking about his separation with Sarika, the actor had said, “Sarika and I were married for 17 years. And I knew the marriage wouldn’t last more years before we parted ways. Although we kept pulling on. I thought it would affect the children. I waited for them to come of age.”

Kamal and Sarika

Shruti’s reaction to her parent’s divorce

In one of the recent interviews, Shruti Haasan spoke on her parent’s divorce. “A lot of people had gone through the same thing. I would say that splitting up (referring parents’ divorce) is news to other people. It’s not news to people in the house who were living together. I was happy that they did what they did because they’re both wonderful individuals who deserved happiness in their own parameters. They were people before they were my parents and this is something that I always said. I understood this very early on,” she said.

Kamal Haasan and Shruti

Kamal and Sarika despite being divorced have always shared a cordial relationship. They were always committed to raising their daughters together. And they did a commendable job.

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