Salman Khan once again in a friendly cameo

Salman Khan has many tags such as ‘Bhai’, ‘Mentor’ and also ‘Cameo Saviour’. He is the only actor who can enter in near future in the Guinness Book of World Record for maximum Cameo roles. He has lent his star power in aid of many of his contempories movies.


As per sources, Salman Khan and Divya Bhushan share a long association that started with her appearing in Sallu’s music video,  and then she married the T-Series Head Honcho Bhushan Kumar and at present is all set to make her Directorial debut in which Salman Khan has been asked to do a Cameo by good friend Bhushan Kumar to which the Khan has readily agreed.

The dates for the shoot have been allotted to Sallu and soon he will be shooting for it as per his convenience. ‘Yaariyan’ is a romantic comedy in which Salman Khan might play himself.