Master Chef cooking challenge, masterchef india

Chef Vikas Khanna and Chef Garima Arora are both Michelin star chefs that have raised the bar of Indian cuisine across the world. The duo along with Chef Ranveer Brar have been judging the ongoing season of MasterChef India. Recently, both Vikas and Garima participated in a friendly yet competitive Cook-Off challenge exclusively for Bollywood Bubble. The Michelin star chefs showed their exotic sandwich recipes while talking to our host Akash Bhatnagar about bringing culinary glory to India. Vikas talked about bringing awareness about culinary achievements like Michelin Stars to India while Garima talked about being the first Indian woman to win it. She also opened up on her journey from journalism to cooking. Vikas revealed how his mother still feels unimpressed by his skills. And together, they discussed the joy of mentoring young talent through MasterChef India, their favourite dishes of the season and the lack of awareness about Indian cuisine across the world. They shared how it is limited to just curries and how there is so much more to explore. Vikas and Garima might be friends in real life and on screen but in this Cook-Off they turn fierce rivals and bring out their competitive yet HILARIOUS side. Check out this exciting video to find out who won and learn one interesting homemade recipe hack by Chef Vikas.