Hrithik Roshan is giving all celebs some serious parenting goals

They say time is the most valuable thing a father can give his children, and rightly so. In an age when the world is becoming smaller and days, more hectic than ever, time is perhaps the most precious commodity an individual can have. And if it is a top celebrity, leisure time or family time is a luxury. Talking about celeb parents, we cannot not think about Hrithik Roshan, who is undoubtedly a doting father to his two sons Hrehaan and Hridaan. The equation that the Greek God of Bollywood shares with his kids is no secret. Very often, we hear about instances when Hrithik is making quality time for his children. But these are just the times when they go public about their rendezvous. We cannot even fathom the depth of the bond the father-sons trio shares, beyond what is there for the people to see.

From catching up on meals to reading to the young boys, frequent holidays to making moments count, Hrithik leaves no stone unturned to be the ideal father to Hrehaan and Hridaan. Hrithik believes that life is about creating experiences, not achieving or possessing. And he follows the same even while parenting.

So often we stumble upon his Holiday pictures with sons on social media. To call the trio adorable would only be an understatement. Not very long ago he took his kids to Dubai and what a holiday it was! The pictures that he shared on his Twitter account only show what a gala time they had experiencing the thrills together. “Wanna get rid of some of your fears? Try competing with 2 fearless kids!! #Whataday! #dubai #victory #hrx” [sic] were Hrithik’s own words.

Pictures of their South African vacation this March also took the internet by storm. What a bunch of globetrotters they are! The travel tales of the Roshan lads would be endless. How priceless!