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Ever since I have been in journalism, I have heard that being a star, a public figure always comes with a price. And that price is NO PRIVACY or having a personal life. But this also made me wonder, as public figures, is it okay for us to take the accessibility to stars for granted? In this day and age of social media, reaching out to celebrities has become very easy. To top that, there are also airport spottings and many other activities bringing the audience and stars in close quarters. But where is the boundary? Why do we judge celebrities if they refuse to oblige a fan for a selfie? or Even object to the intrusion in their personal space? I am talking about the very latest incident that happened with Shah Rukh Khan at the Mumbai Airport.

The Shah Rukh Khan selfie incident at the Mumbai Airport…

For those who don’t know, SRK was accused of snubbing a fan at the Mumbai airport yesterday. It so happened that when Shah Rukh stepped out from T2, there was a fan who barged on to take a selfie, however, SRK’s gesture showed that he dodged the fan. Soon some people jumped to the conclusion of calling SRK’s this behaviour rude. But, fans were quick to defend the Pathaan actor. They released a video showing that Shah Rukh Khan was indeed waving to another fan when this guy taking a selfie got pushed. Even before this side of the story could surface, SRK was up for scrutiny.

Why didn’t anyone think of the actor’s personal space getting intruded on, his inner periphery being broken? Having said that, SRK got mobbed at the Kashmir airport a few days back when he returned from Dunki’s shoot. That time, no one commented on the excited fans for crossing the line.

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma also got mobbed in Bengaluru…

And it is not just this incident, a few days back even Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma were mobbed in Bengaluru. While Virat was being a protective husband making sure his wife Anushka Sharma is unharmed, a little push from him would have been blown out of proportion.

When Alia Bhatt’s personal space was invaded…

That even brings me to three other incidents where celebrities had their privacy invaded and it just wasn’t cool. A few months back, a photographer literally clicked pictures of Alia Bhatt sitting in her living room. Someone’s home is supposed to be the most personal and safest place to be. Sadly, for the Gangubai Kathiwadi actress, that wasn’t the case. I applaud her for taking a stand and calling out this invasion.

Another incident of fandom going way out of line was when Virat Kohli’s personal belongings were filmed in a hotel room. Filmed by a staff member, again pointing at a scary invasion of privacy. Even Anushka and Virat spoke up about how this move wasn’t cool.

Lastly, even Saif Ali Khan, and Kareena Kapoor Khan, weren’t spared from this intrusion. Some time ago, the paparazzi literally barged inside their building when they returned from a party.

It is incidents like these that create controversy. When celeb protests and demands their personal space to be respected, we quickly tag them as rude or obnoxious, but is it fair to judge a celebrities behaviour for wanting something which is a basic human right? I say it’s not, and I think we need to review this thin line that leads to crossing the boundary before it gets fatal.

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