Sooraj Pancholi JIah Khan death case

I still remember the day when all newspaper headlines spoke about the Jiah Khan death case. Back in June 2013 when I was an ambitious journalism student, this was the biggest case on all our minds. In fact, as budding journalists, we tried even to figure out why did the Nishabd actress commit suicide. Jiah was found hanging at her residence in Mumbai on the night of June 3rd 2013. Yes, she had ended her life. But with her, another life that came to a standstill was of actor Sooraj Pancholi.

The aftermath for Sooraj Pancholi…

Within a few days of Jiah’s death, Sooraj was taken into custody. On June 10 when the letter was seized, even before the court could, the nation stamped Sooraj as guilty. That time, I managed to read the letter Jiah wrote. One of my professors had a copy. From the letter, it just seemed a bottling up of too many relationship issues addressed and spoken about. Yes, Jiah had penned down every piece of her broken heart in those 16-17 pages. While everyone thought about all that Jiah went through, why didn’t anyone realize that even Sooraj had lost someone he loved?

It is just so easy to blame the partner or lover when another ends their life, but does anyone think what would it do to their lives and careers ahead? Sadly, no. Well! I am not passing any judgement on the decision Jiah took. Nor am I commenting on the issues she and Sooraj faced as a couple. But today when Sooraj has been acquitted not guilty in the case, I wonder, will these 10 years of his life be forgiven and forgotten?

In 2015, around Hero, Sooraj was a broken boy…

One incident, I vividly remember is the trailer launch of the film Hero. Despite many blaming Sooraj for a crime that he had not even committed, Salman Khan launched him into the industry. Sooraj had a debut film with Athiya Shetty. At that trailer launch, I saw a boy who was broken, shattered, scarred, and scared to be in the public domain. He cried when he hugged Salman and that emotional moment stays with me till date. After Hero, Sooraj was just existing, as if he continued living his life in trauma.

Sooraj faced lots of judgement, he was often trolled on social media, even in terms of work this case kept coming in the way. Eventually, Sooraj cut off from all toxicity and deleted his social media accounts too in 2020. He slid into a cocoon and lived there until things were forgotten. Some things did get better, but there was always uncertainty until today morning.

The verdict in Sooraj Pancholi’s favour…

Today… Sooraj was acquitted as not guilty in the Jiah Khan case. The Jiah Khan death case verdict was announced around noon at the special CBI court in Mumbai. Judge AS Sayyed pronounced the verdict for Sooraj. It is stated that due to the lack of enough evidence, Sooraj is not found guilty in the Jiah Khan case. It is indeed a moment of relief for Zarina Wahab and Aditya Pancholi too.

I wonder if this stigma will go away from him. Will the industry welcome him and let bygones be bygones? Is Sooraj going to be approached for films without any judgements? Will Satellite Shankar see the light of day now? Only time will tell. The Jiah Khan death case almost ruined Sooraj Pancholi’s career. It seemed like Sooraj almost paid with his life for loving Jiah. But now it is time to start afresh. I wish Sooraj all the very best.

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