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Alaya F made her debut in 2020 with Jawani Jaaneman and since then there is no looking back for the actress. Even before her debut, the actress has been in the news for scrutiny around her personal life. During an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Alaya F shares if she believes she has grown up early and how is it to be raised in an open-minded family.

Alaya F on growing up early

Sharing her views on whether today’s generation is growing up too soon or there is a need for them to mature early, Alaya says, “See, bachchpan se I wanted to grow up very fast. I have always been that… Mujhe responsibilities pasand hai. Mujhe independence pasand hai. I’m one of those people. So, for me, growing up sounds like a fabulous thing. People are like, ‘woh bachpan ke din, kash woh wapis aaye,’ I’m like nahi nahi nahi. I really like being a grown-up. I like being able to say I want to travel, I want to do this here, at this time – I can go. I’m a grown-up, I’m accountable only to myself. I live alone and I love it. I really like all my grown-up responsibilities and I don’t mind growing up.”

However, she added, “Do we grow up too soon? Yes, we do.  But for me, that’s not been an issue. Personally, I enjoy being a grown-up. I enjoy the learnings freedom and responsibilities that comes with it.” She continued, “Mujhe being a grown-up se koi problem nahi hai. Kabhi kabhi haa, because sometimes you just want to be taken care of… you want to be able to have a tantrum. I can’t remember the last time I was able to… Now, even if I get angry at someone, my mind will be like, ‘oh, but this person is trying their best. sab koshish hi toh kar rahe hai. You know hum sab insaan hai, hum sab ke struggles hai.’ My rational mind will tell me all of this. I’ll be like ‘Stop guilt-tripping me. Sometimes my mind is overactive and that irritates me. But I like being a grown-up.”

Alaya on having an open-minded family 

When asked about how her family has encouraged her, Alaya asserts, “It has been very very okay to be us. We have always been encouraged. There was this thing in our home where it was like asking questions, arguing also for that matter, (it) wasn’t discouraged. This is why we all have very strong opinions.  If you have a question, then ask it. Let’s discuss it. Let’s find an answer if we don’t have an answer. If we have different answers, let’s debate it. All of this was encouraged in my home. It gave me a lot of clarity on what my opinions and ideas are about life. So it has been really good. All that said and done, my mother and I are both very strong-headed people so often – even today, our opinions are on different sides of the spectrum.”

She concluded, “Me and my mother, we talk very similar, we have the same mannerisms – but what we are saying, is poles apart. There are very few opinions me and my mother agree on. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed growing up in this family, there was never a dull day.”

During the chat, Alaya also spoke about her parents separation and her idea of love and relationship. Watch the full interview here:

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