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Being part of the entertainment world means nothing stays hidden whether it’s love or heartbreak. Bollywood Bubble recently caught up with actress Alaya F and spoke at length with her about relationships, her parents’ divorce, her love life and the heartbreak she has faced.

Alaya F on dealing with heartbreak

Talking about how she deals with heartbreak, Alaya F says, “Depends. Earlier… I only had one proper relationship in my life. Before that… I don’t even count those as relationships. God knows what they were. I was chaotic, life was chaotic… So those heartbreaks are not even heartbreaks. They are childish.”

Talking about her recent breakup, the actress says, “My most recent one was a very lovely relationship, a mature relationship all good vibes, happy vibes. I feel like when your relationship goes a certain way it also ends a certain way. If the relationship has been handled with maturity, love and respect, the breakup is also handled with a lot of maturity, love and respect. My grown-up breakups are quite nice, cathartic, loving, sweet. They are loving, they are sweet.” She added, “Now I’ve really understood relationships. Now I’m really good at relationships. Over the last 5-6 years, I’m really good. I’m a good girlfriend to have, very sorted.”

For those unaware, Alaya F was rumoured to be dating Aaishvary Thackeray. While they were spotted together several times, they remained tight-lipped about their relationship status.

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