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The mother’s Sufi vocals and the son’s electronic elements make Kavita and Kanishk Seth’s collaborative music an instant hit. After the indie track ‘Rangi Saari Gulabi Chunariya re’ (2020) took Instagram Reels by storm, the mother-son duo have just released a new single ‘Zakhm Purana’. It is a heartbreak song about scars from a past love. The song was a massive hit on YouTube with fans lauding it. Recently Bollywood Bubble sat down for an interview with the singers and talked about their personal as well as professional lives. Kavita and Kanishk Seth opened up on the way the music industry has evolved and about the fame they received after Rangi Saari and Iktara.

Kanishk Seth and Kavita Seth on dealing with failure in music

When asked about competitiveness in the industry and songs facing failure, Kanishk opened up about it candidly. He said, “It’s a part and parcel of life. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t. And, sometimes what you are creating is ahead of its time. Five or ten years later, the same song might start trending. I will give you the most recent example. Tomorrow, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi’s song is getting released. If you’ve seen the trailer, they(the filmmakers) have used a line from the song from Shava Shava. They used the song because it began trending and now they have picked it up again. All these years, they didn’t bother about this song although Shava Shava is a big song. But, why just that part? The song is coming out tomorrow.”

Kanishk and Kavita’s latest song Zakhm Purana

Seth continued, “Also, mom (Kavita Seth) has another song in the movie Mr. and Mrs. Mahi that’ll be coming out later.”

Kanishk revealed that Mr and Mrs Mahi starring Janhvi Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao will have Kavita Seth’s voice in it. Fans are eager to know about their further endeavours while they enjoy their recent release.

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