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Actress Vidya Malavade, who impressed us as Vidya Sharma in Shah Rukh Khan starrer Chak De! India, is all set to gearing up for the release of her next, Ruslaan. During an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Vidya for candid about many things, including the time she faced rejection for being ‘too pretty’ and ‘too glamourous.’

While chatting with us, Vidya recalled the casting of Dr Arora and how filmmaker Imtiaz Ali was unsure if he should cast her as Vaishali as she looked ‘too glamourous’ to play a middle-class housewife. Scroll down to read all about it.

Vidya Malavade on Imtiaz Ali calling her “too glamourous” for a role

During an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Vidya Malavade recalled the time director Imtiaz Ali called her “too pretty” to play a small-town character in Dr Arora. Talking about the filmmaker being unsure of casting her as Vaishali, the ‘Chak De! India’ actress said, “When Imtiaz’s casting team – when they were casting, he kept saying, ‘No she can’t do it. She’s too glamourous for this part.’ He wanted somebody to look like a housewife from the heartland of the country. He was like, ‘How will she carry it off? I don’t think she will.'”

Recalling how she convinced him she was perfect for the role, Vidya said, “I remember Mukesh Chabbra’s team was casting and he’s like do you have any photos like the character they want so I can show it to the team and show. And I sent pictures. He was like, ‘Not these, I want something more.’ I was at a shoot. I packed up early, called my house help and told her I needed a saree and blouse of hers. I wore that saree, wore some kajal and styled my hair. I made her only take pictures.”

She continued, “I sent the picture and a message to Imtiaz Ali sir telling him, ‘Sir, please don’t take a part away from me because of the way I look. Because I know I can transform and do what it takes to be Vaishali. And he said just give me a few days. A couple of days later I got a call saying that you’re on. For me that was a transformation.”

Vidya on facing rejection for being too pretty

Talking about facing rejection for looking too pretty, Vidya added, “Too young, too old, too pretty, not so pretty… too whatever, everything I’ve been rejected for.” In the same chat, she also recalled being once approached to play Sidharth Malhotra’s mother in a film.

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