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Juhi Parmar became a household name with Kumkum–Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan. While professionally she has a soaring career, the actress has been through tumultuous times in her personal life. Juhi Parmar was married to Sachin Shroff and their 9-year-old relationship ended in 2018. Post the separation, the actress has been single-parenting daughter Samairra. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, the actress opens up about facing judgments and how she managed to stay strong.

Juhi Parmar on breaking her divorce news to daughter Samairra

Talking about how she spoke about her broken marriage with Samairra, Juhi shares, “Aaj jab mai dekhti hu toh lagta hai kaise karliya. (Today when I look back, I wonder how I did it). But it was not easy going through your personal battle and wanting to set the right example in front of your child. It was important for me to make sure that her emotional equilibrium is taken care of. Because nobody plans to be a single parent or break their marriage. It just happens when it has to. And I knew I have to stay strong because my daughter is watching me and whatever I will be today will set an example for her in future. I want her to believe in love, marriages and family. So I could not show her a side that would give her a feeling otherwise.”

The actress also reveals how she coped with judgments passed on her. “In my case yes there were judgements. It was not with people around me, but today it’s an open field, people write on social media whatever they want to and they wrote a lot. But then the one passing judgements show their mentality and that does not change my personality. I choose not to let negativity affect and bring me down. I know I am a responsible parent and my family and daughter knows the reality. So judgments will come and go, but the way you see yourself in the mirror and in the eyes of your child is what matters to me. And I know that Samairra is proud of me and that’s my biggest reward.”

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