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Konkona Sen Sharma is one of the most renowned and celebrated actresses and filmmakers in the entertainment industry. Recently, Konkona starred alongside Mohit Raina in Mumbai Diaries Season 2 and delivered a fabulous performance. There’s no doubt that the actress never fails to impress her fans and followers with jaw-dropping performances. Being a single mother, Konkona is a prime example of balancing her personal and professional life.

Now, we had the chance to speak with Konkona Sen Sharma in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble. During the interview, the actress opened up about the feeling of guilt that comes behind a working independent woman, who is also a single mother and has a full-fledged career.

Konkona Sen Sharma opens up about ‘motherhood guilt’

When asked how Konkona deals with comments that make a working independent mother feel guilty, the actress says, “I think all working mothers are superheroes. Me, my mum, my bai, all of us are superheroes. I think a little bit of guilt comes with the territory of motherhood, unfortunately. I have been very lucky because I have had a working mother and largely a single working mother for my growing up years. So, I have always had the template of that and that’s my normal.

She adds, “So, beyond a point, what people say and what they don’t is not my business. Even if they are talking about me is not my business actually. They want to talk, they can talk. There are so many other interesting things to focus on. And there are many interesting things to occupy oneself with, luckily.”

Not just this, but Konkona Sen Sharma also opened up about how financially independent women are unable to leave the cycles of abuse.

Watch the full video here:

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