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Mohit Malik is a popular face in Indian Television serials who has acted in a number of shows. Some of which include Doli Armaano Ki, Kulfi Kumar Baajewala and many more. The actor is also quite active on his social media handles as he keeps dropping photos with his wife and son Ekbir. Now, Mohit Malik sat with us for an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble.

During the exclusive chat, Mohit shared how he and his wife Addite Malik are raising their son and what kind of a man they want him to become.

Mohit Malik speaks about son Ekbir’s growing popularity

During the hearty chat. Mohit Malik recalled the time when he and his wife created an Instagram account for their son. He said, “Bahot pehle humne uska Instagram account create kar diya tha but we have never been active on that. Kabhi kuch nahi post kiya. Hum khud hi itne active nahi rehte. My team keeps on telling me to be active (laughs). For him, I want him to decide, I want him to be objective towards life. Mujhe kuch thopna nahi hai usspar ke tu aisa hi kar tu waisa hi kar. I want him to have his own objective. Aur wo objectivity tabhi aayegi jab wo jiyega life. Toh I want him to live life. Let him have his own experiences towards life.”

He added, “Yes, uski core values mai dunga ke kya sahi hai kya galat hai ya morality, whatever. But uski personality wo khud develop karega. Uska decision hona chahiye ke mujhe Instagram pe aana hai ya kaha jaana hai. I will give him a boundary saying that these are the do’s and dont’s, obviously because mera experience hoga. But I will not stop him ke tu ye nahi karega wo nahi karega. For wo hi karega wo aage jaake. Jo mana karo toh sabse pehle wo hi karega. Usko mai kuch bhi bolta hu naa ke nahi karna hai toh wo wo hi karta hai. Toh we have to be very careful with him.”

Further in the interview, Mohit also spoke about Sidhu Moosewala’s demise and how he was scared for his life.

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