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Namashi Chakraborty, son of Mithun Chakraborty is one of the popular young actors. He has charmed everyone with his personality, looks and all of all, fantastic acting skills. Namashi Chakraborty is all set to welcome his new release, Bad Boy where he plays the lead character. In the light of his upcoming movie, the actor sat with us for an exclusive chat. While he got candid in his conversations, he shed light on several things. He also spoke about his brother’s  Mimoh Chakraborty’s failed career. Namashi thinks the industry has been a bit too harsh on his brother.

As the conversation proceeded further, Namashi spoke of how he thinks his brother Mimoh deserves a second chance. The Bad Boy actor said, “It’s only been Mimoh, he had a huge launch. I think the industry was a bit too harsh on him and I don’t mean it in a way of sympathy. I just think he deserves another chance.

Further, Namashi Chakraborty said that many actors do have initial flops, but industry always gives them a second chance. Likewise Mimoh Chakraborty also deserves a second chance. The Bad Boy actor said, “There are many more actors who have done movies that have been a turkey, but they have gotten more opportunities than him. So, it’s just a matter of opportunities.”

Mimoh Chakraborty is Namashi’s sibling and has been a part of several films. His work in movies like The Murder: Hamilton Palace, Jimmy and Rocky has received love from his fans.

Coming back to the exclusive interview of Namashi, the actor also spoke on the pressure of carrying his father’s legacy. He said and we quote him, “Ever since I was a child I have been known to be his son. It’s like my name comes second, his name comes first. Oh he is Mithun’s son! We, all four siblings, have lived with that privilege and that pressure.”

Talking of Bad Boy, it is directorial of Rajkumar Santoshi and features Namashi Chakraborty along with Amrin Qureshi.

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