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Sholay starring Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra is not just a movie but an emotion for many. Initially, the movie didn’t do well at the box office but over time, it became a huge hit. People still remember the characters and the dialogues that have gained a cult status. Nevertheless, director Ramesh Sippy recalls dropping Majboor movie for Sholay as his father saw the potential in that film.

Ramesh Sippy on putting Majboor on hold for Sholay

During the latest episode of The Invincibles with Arbaaz Khan in Bollywood, Arbaaz that despite having a detailed script of Majboor, he and his father G. P. Sippy went ahead with Sholay when it was half-written. But Sippy said he wanted to make both the movies. “Meri temptation alag thi. Maine kaha ki dono banate hai. Let’s make Majboor, scripted in a way that it goes straight into production aur tab tak Sholay pe kaam karte hai. My father said don’t waste time, do this (Sholay). He saw the potential in that and it was something else,” he said. (My temptation was different. I said let’s make both the movies. Let’s make Majboor as it was scripted in a way that it goes straight into the production and till then, we could work on Sholay.)

Ramesh Sippy on Sholay’s success

When asked if the success took a toll on Ramesh Sippy? He said, “I don’t think so. I always wanted to do something different. So for me, it was not like I again have to make such a film.”

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