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One of the popular and talented singers Shaan has been in the industry for a long time and has given us several hits. Songs like Kuch Toh Hua Hai, Chaand Sifarish and many more received the utmost love and appreciation from fans. However, during an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Shaan was asked about the trend of remakes and how they are receiving flak from the audience. Shaan said that he is not against the concept of remake but it should be done with the right aesthetics instead of messing with them.

Shaan on Bollywood remake

He said, “What happens is that a song however popular it is, there’s a lifespan of the song. It then dwindles along with its own fan and own generation and then slowly the graph kind of eases out. Some more, some less, some stay longer, and some get a resurgence. In a way to make a cover, to bring the song back, a beautiful song needs to stay forever. I have no issue with the remake as a concept because the song is not just the voice. The song is the lyrics, the song is the composition, the song is the feeling and that feeling needs to be revived. But done with the right aesthetics, the right ethos, the right sensibility.

But if you completely spoil the song and lose its essence then people would say ‘Why did you remake it’? It’s about how they execute the project not about the concept on its own. You have to give it a little tweak to make it contemporary but don’t mess with it. I’m not saying anyone has messed with any song, I’m just saying in general,” the Jabse Tere Naina singer added.

Watch the full interview here

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