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Sohum Shah is one of the most talented actors in the industry. Five years ago on this date, Sohum gave one of the best horror thrillers of Indian cinema Tumbbad. As The film clock its 5th anniversary, Sohum sat down for an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble and recalled the challenges he faced to release Tumbbad in 2015. Sohum Shah poured his heart out as he recalled the tough time.

Sohum recalls tough time during Tumbbad release

The actor shared, “Tumbbad jab hum bana rahe the toh uske baad 2015 mein shoot khatam hogaya tha. Uske baad hum chaar log office mein hote the mein, mera co-director Adish, Sanyukta editor aur ek ladka tha Pranav joh post dekhta tha. Crew ko kabhi aim nahi tha yeh film kabhi bahar aayegi, logon ne kaha tha ye film band ho jayegi. Toh uss samay maine kitne papad bale. (When we were making Tumbbad, the shooting was completed in 2015. After that, the four of us were in the office myself, my co-director Adish, Sanyukta the editor, and a guy named Pranav who looked after post-production. The crew never aimed for this film to be released. People said it would be shelved. So, at that time, I went to great lengths).”

He added, “Flat bech raha hu, gaadi bech raha hu, VFX karvana hai Sweden se, Sweden wale humara phone nahi utha rahe hai. Aap log ho kaun? Unko humare credibility ko lekar doubt hai. Esepcially mein 3-4 logon ka entourage lekar gaya tha Cannes Film Festival mein unko milne ke liye. Sir fuss addmi ko milne ke liye mein gaya ki bhai hum imandar log hai tumhare paise de denge, please humari film karlo. We worked hard. Maine bohot tough time jhela hai. (I was selling my flat, selling my car, trying to get VFX done from Sweden, but the people in Sweden weren’t answering our calls. Who are you guys? They doubted our credibility. I even took an entourage of 3-4 people to meet them at the Cannes Film Festival. I went to meet that guy and said, “We are honest people, we’ll give you your money, please make our film.” We worked hard. I’ve been through a tough time).”

Sohum talks about Tumbbad sequel

Furthermore, Sohum also revealed the plans of the future of the film, insisting that he wants to make 6 films in the Tumbbad franchise as well as a reboot. The actor mentioned that Tumbbad has great potential ‘sequel banne ki aur prequel banne ki’. He went on to add, “In my head Tumbbad 6 banne chahiye. (In my head, there should be six Tumbbad movies).” He further added that he is confident about Tumbbad’s story.

Sohum added, “Mera uss kahaani mein trust jyada hai. Usmi bohot saari possibilities hai uska prequel, uska sequel including its reboot. Ek idea reboot ka bhi hai. I find it interesting. Pata nahi kab hoga aur jab hoga tab Tumbbad II bhi banana hai 3 aur reboot bhi banani hai. (I have more trust in that story. It has a lot of possibilities, including its prequel, its sequel, and even a reboot. There’s an idea for a reboot as well. I find it interesting. I don’t know when it will happen, but when it does, we’ll have to make Tumbbad II, III, and a reboot).”

During the candid conversation, Sohum also recalled his struggling days and being a real estate agent.

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