Why Tumbbad fame Sohum Shah is truly an underrated talent

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The talent never goes under the shadow and finds every corner to shine with its brightness, such a talent in the industry is Sohum Shah. In each and every film the actor has shown the spectacle of his acting, bringing some amazing characters on the screen. With his performance, he never missed on delivering the best.

And now it’s time for him and actors like him to shine. The kind of actor Sohum Shah is, he holds tremendous talent to make any character live on the screen whenever he appears on the screen he ensures to leaves his mark. If we look at Sohum’s filmography, the Tumbbad actor has given some really strong characters where his performances have been highly spoken about. Right from Ship of Theseus to Talvar to Tumbbad, Bard of Blood and most recently Maharani, he has shown his range as an actor.

With such a vibrant filmography, Sohum is surely an artist with an extraordinary talent. Having no backhand from the industry, the artist in the true sense, the actor carries a lot of potentials to make his mark his presence in his films.


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The Tumbbad actor is well studded with everything that is needed to bring magic to the screen. The industry is churning out some really great content and the actor has proved the mettle of his talent time and again with his amazing performances and his time has come his due for everything he has done so far. He is undoubtedly one of the best yet underrated actors in India who carries all the talent to outshine with his brilliant performance.

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