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Actors are often seen at the receiving end of criticism; however, with social media at par, they are subjected to brutal trolling. Speaking of which, Sunny Leone spoke about people’s judgments and social media trolling and how she is unfazed about it. During an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Sunny said that the only time she gets hurt is when the journalists say mean things despite knowing them for so long and sharing wrong information. She thinks it is like adding fuel to the fire.

Sunny Leone on people’s judgements

Sunny exclusively told us, “I just don’t read them, that’s one thing. The second this is as time has gone by, I’ve realized these people are not my friends who are commenting. It would be one thing if it was my friend or someone that I knew who was commenting and saying really mean things. Then of course, yeah, I’m human it’s going to affect me. Let’s say a journalist knows me I’ve done 1 million interviews with them over so many different years. And they write something that is completely nonsense. They’re actually adding fuel to more nonsense instead of reporting the truth so that sometimes hurts my feelings.

“Because we’ve gotten to know people so well throughout the industry. That just adds fuel to the fire and social media for more trolling and more attacking. So that’s the only time it kind of affects me but other than that it doesn’t affect me at all.

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Meanwhile, Sunny is hosting the most loved reality show Spiltsvilla X5 which is the 15th season. The show airs on MTV.

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