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Actor Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya got married to each other on July 8, 2016. They met on the sets of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and fell in love with them. However, when Divyanka got married, she was at the peak of her career. On the other hand, Vivek rose to fame with his appearance in the show. Though we have heard Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya’s side of meeting her husband, did you know that Vivek was a little unsure about getting married to Divyanka? Well, during the latest episode of Bollywood Bubble’s Let’s Talk podcast, Vivek reveals he was sceptical as she was a big star.

Vivek Dahiya on being sceptical about marrying Divyanka

Talking exclusively to Bollywood Bubble, Vivek said, “My first hiccup was that she’s such a big star how will I be able to? In my head, I was thinking that I’d have to take care of her expenses. I said ‘How will I afford? But he said, ‘No no, she doesn’t need anything, she’s she’s a very independent woman, you take care of yourself’. I said ‘Okay, that I can do.

Vivek on being tagged as – Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya’s husband

Given that Divyanka was an established actor when she got married, several people tagged him as her husband. When asked if that bothered him or how he dealt with it, Vivek said, “I deal with it very sensibly now. I would say it’s been a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight that suddenly I’ve turned wiser and I’m in Zen mode, it doesn’t affect me. There were times when I used to get bogged down with these thoughts. But we were still quite mature when we first entered into, the institution of marriage, we spoke at length that this would happen. Before I proposed to her in front of a family, we sat down and the family and her. Everyone made me aware that it’s quite likely to happen that you’ll be compared, you’ll be tagged and blah blah. Are you okay with that?”

“That time I said absolutely because it’s the unknown people talking will not affect me. What she says or if the family start feeling like that, then it’ll affect me. The day Divyanka starts to feel that she’s more accomplished and that I’m not an achiever and I’m not as capable. The day you start to get that
vibe or that feeling, that’s when I’ll be doomed, I’ll be shattered. But if you have faith in me then nothing can shatter, nothing will affect me. It doesn’t matter what people say,” Vivek continued.

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya are one of the most popular couples in the Television world.

Watch the full interview of Vivek Dahiya

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