BTS are global leaders today and RM is the cogwheel to the biggest boy band in the world. Leader RM was not just the first member to come on board for the legendary group but has always been one of the most dynamic leaders of his time. In an interview with Weverse, Namjoon opened up on what the success of Butter means to them as a group and as an individual as well. He also opened up on writing Bicycle, the solo song he released during FESTA in June. RM also shared the struggles of writing lyrics and making sure it is relevant, and why he feels it is important, to be honest with ARMY in whatever capacity they can.

During FESTA ARMY Corner this year, RM and the other members (Suga, Jimin, Jin, J Hope, Jungkook, V) spoke for the first time perhaps on 2015-2017 being a tough year for both BTS and ARMY. When asked if they are able to talk about it today because they have found out how to embrace the times, RM shared, “What I do can be thought of as a sort of business—a person-to-person kind of business. That’s why I want to be as honest with ARMY as I can be, almost obsessively so.” He shared that although it is believed in KPop world that an idol cannot be transparent with ARMY, “but I want to tell them about the things we’ve been through as much as I can.”


RM further explained, “Another reason I talked about those times was that I wanted to pay off my debts to a lot of people. To pass over this story like it never happened would be like saying “that’s not us.” And because it’s in the past. I think that, since it’s in the past, and since we’re doing all right now, and since those days were clearly necessary, I think we have to be able to talk about just how difficult a time that was.”

Not just that he emphasized on what Bicycle as a song meant to him and the inspirations he derives from world music. He said that he wants to be believed and hopes that “I am on my way somewhere.” Speaking about Bicycle, RM expressed, “I’ve faced a lot of pressure while making music throughout my life to move ahead a little more or make music that stands out better, from minor things like my rap technique to bigger things like trends. I wanted to be good at rapping and I wanted some recognition. In that sense, you could say “Bicycle” is somewhat defiant.”

He mentioned why Bicycle is significant to him and elaborated, “I wanted to release a song to celebrate FESTA, but the subject matter is really important to me specifically. Bicycles hold an important place in my heart, so that’s just what I ended up writing about. The song’s something like a compass, telling me where I’m at right now, I feel like.”

RM also spoke about his fitness and his relatively larger frame now.

Meanwhile, their latest two releases Butter and Permission To Dance are busy passing the baton to each other week by week.

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