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Film: Dasara

Director: Srikanth Odhela

Star Cast: Nani, Keerthy Suresh, Dheekshith Shetty

Platform: Theatre

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 3/5 stars

Dasara Movie REVIEW:

I have been eagerly waiting for Nani starrer Dasara because the trailer quite fascinated me. And well, after watching the movie, it has left me with mixed feelings. While I thoroughly enjoyed Nani’s presence and his charming swag onscreen, it is the story that didn’t move me as much as I was expecting it to be. It is an emotional movie about friendship and love; however, it was too melodramatic that you will feel saturated at one point.

The highlight of Dasara was the beautiful friendship between Suri and Dharni that will surely move you. In fact, there was a train scene in the movie that resembled Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor starrer Gunday. That’s not it, even Suri and Dhahran’s friendship and bromance also seem to be inspired by Ali Abbas Zafar’s directorial venture. Furthermore, it also seems like the movie is inspired by other movies, so there is nothing new on the table. It is the powerful performances of the stars that seem to be the winner.

Moreover, Keerthy and Nani have worked together in Nenu Local (2017) and their chemistry was loved by one and all. However, if you’re hoping to see their crackling chemistry in this one as well, then you’re in for a disappointment. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the same in Dasara though it would have been a cherry on top for sure.


Nani starrer’s runtime is 2 hours and 36 mins and still I felt it was a drag. There were a few scenes that could have been edited to make it crisp and impactful. Moreover, it seems like the makers of Dasara poured an extra bucket of drama making it quite overdramatic.


Set in the backdrop of Singareni coal mines near Godavarikhani of Telangana, there live a small village amidst coal mine field. It is a story about friendship, love and good triumphing over evil.

Star Performances:

Nani plays the role of Dharni who is an innocent man whose life starts with his friend Suriya and Vennela. He doesn’t have a motive in his life apart from getting drunk and spend time with his friends. Even though he is unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Vennala, Dharni sacrifices his love for his best friend Suriya who also loves the same girl.

Speaking about his performance, there’s a reason why Nani is called the Natural star. I was enjoy to see him onscreen, his swag, his charming smile and his fierce action are something that drives people crazy and I understand the craze. However, this time, he didn’t play the massy hero but an actor giving a par excellence performance. You can feel his pain and his sadness because he is that convincing in his role. No wonder why Nani is called a Natural star . It seems he understands the essence and the magnitude of the character.

Keerthy Suresh plays the role of Vennala who is a school teacher. She is bold and beautiful and lives her life on her own terms and has a voice to stand up for herself. Keerthy was fabulous as Vennela and it is easy to feel connected to her character.

Dheekshith Shetty as Suri is fierce and demanding. He always stands up for his friend Dharni, knowing that he is a ‘fattu’. He stays beside him rock solid no matter and can easily take a bullet for his friend. Dheekshith plays his part quite well.

Direction/ Screenplay:

The debutante director Srikanth Odhela directs Dasara and well, his direction will remind you of quite a few scenes of other South movies. To keep the movie raw and rustic, Srikanth used the undertone colour to make it look real but it will instantly remind you of KGF. Since it is a South movie, Shrikanth all the right flavours to keep it entertaining and interesting.


Overall, Nani starrer Dasara is raw and gritty but it’s emotional mode can touch your heart. Nani’s performance is killer as always and will make you glued to the screen. Dasara is a slow paced movie and quite melodramatic but you will be entertained that is for sure.

Watch the Dasara trailer after the review:

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