Hate Story 4 movie review: Such a boredom ride!

Image Source - Twitter (@HateStory_IV)

Directed By: Vishal Pandya
Produced By: Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar
Cast: Urvashi Rautela, Karan Wahi, Vivan Bhathena, Ihana Dhillon
Duration: 2 Hour 11 minutes
Bollywood Bubble Rating: 1/5

What’s Urvashi Rautela’s character in ‘Hate Story 4’? Wohi, jo madhosh bhi kar de aur hosh bhi uda de. Asmaan mein udne wale usko bistar pe letana chahte the. Isliye usne Zameen pe Rehna Sikh liya. 

Note: No personal input in language.

From the beginning  credits, I pretty much thought I had entered a spooky  film, and not an erotic  thriller. Then, before I could understand anything, Urvashi was running down the stairs, Vivaan Bhathena was chasing her, Ihana Dhillon was entering the house like a wounded tigress, and was shot dead within next two minutes. What?

Aryan (Vivaan Bhathena) and Rajveer (Karan Wahi) are two Brothers, both swept away by the irresistible appeal of Tasha (Urvashi Rautela). Aryan is already engaged to Reshma (Ihana Dhillon) and boasts, “boardroom ho ya bedroom, there’s nothing that she won’t do to satisfy me”. Duh.

Chhota bhai Rajveer is mad after Tasha’s killing looks. Hence, Aryan comes to his rescue and suggests, “Dil jit le, jism apne aap haath aa jayegi”. Double duh.

Anyway, as it turns out, Aryan is a smartass. He sends Reshma and Rajveer to an outcity work tour, and we know the intention. 

I’ve to write more? Okay. Tasha ends up sleeping with both, but then, we’ve kickass twist under our sleeves. Well, rather a could-be-kickass twist because simply, no one in the film really acted.

Besides, the second half is such a khichdi of heartbreak, mystery and weird performances that it looks funny. *Apologetic Face*

I could’ve tried to concentrate in Urvashi’s performance. But then, her screentime began with a cringeworthy version of ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ and her booty steps got etched in my memory. Why, just?

Karan Wahi looks cute, and makes cheesy dialogues sound cute. That’s it. Vivaan Bhathena looks like a smartass, and he is one. But well, that’s it. But WHY DOES NO ONE ACT?

This film has got more erotica than thrills. Or may be, I yawned so much that I missed out on the thrill. But it rightfully abides by the unwritten clause that in any commercial erotic thriller, there must be unnecessary display of cleavage and sexist dialogues will be used as a pun. Slow claps. 

I’m so sad it turned out this way. Now, I’d like to apologise to Vishal Pandya fans if I’ve hurt their sentiments. Everyone gets offended these days.

If you got nothing to do this weekend, take a train ride to Nalasopara and come back. Time pass ho jayega.

Because from bedroom to boardroom, this film is pure boredom.