Code Name Tiranga Review: Parineeti Chopra, Harrdy Sandhu starrer is far from being a patriotic film

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Film: Code Name: Tiranga

Director: Ribhu Dasgupta

Star cast: Parineeti Chopra, Harrdy Sandhu, Sharad Kelkar, Rajit Kapur

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Code Name: Tiranga Movie Review: 

‘Code Name Tiranga’ – The moment you hear the name, you obviously will start thinking that it is a patriotic film and will be high on Desh bhakti but it was quite the opposite in the Parineeti Chopra and Harrdy Sandhu starrer. I was not able to keep up with the plot as it was confusing and trust me, Code Name Tiranga is far from being a patriotic movie. It doesn’t evoke a sense of patriotism nor does it entertain us despite having a very confusing plot. The makers try to narrate a story of valour, bravery and patriotism, backed by a simple love story but everything about the movie seems wrong. I was zoning in and out as at one point I wasn’t sure what I was watching – A patriotic movie or a love story or a movie with zero plot lines. For quite a few times throughout the movie, I was like ‘Ye kya chal raha hai?’

The movie was of 137 minutes but it surely made me feel like I’m watching it for more than 200 minutes. I was waiting for the boredom to end soon. Code Name Tiranga is about a spy who goes on a mission to kill the most wanted terrorist but during the mission, she falls in love with a man that made a lose her track for some time. First of all, isn’t a code name supposed to be a discreet one instead of something that screams at the top lungs by naming it ‘Tiranga’? Yeah, like the terrorist will never understand that there’s a mission going on against them. So much for discretion.

It is a story of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) agents, the intelligence agency of India, the most elite agency of India and man, I wish the makers have shown them with authenticity instead of making them look like clowns. The film is so chaotic that you will just have to figure out what is happening in this movie. The more you watch it, the more you will understand that this espionage thriller is just predictable and boring AF.


Code Name: Tiranga is a story of a spy on an unfaltering and fearless mission for her nation in a race against time where sacrifice is her only choice.

Star Performances:

Parineeti Chopra essays the role of a RAW agent Sky Ranger Alpha male/ Durga Singh in the movie. She is feisty and fierce when it comes to her country but she is quite the opposite when she is will the love of her life. Durga is soft and heartwarming with her lover. Durga has two lives and wants to live both of them without any hassles but she has to make sacrifices for her motherland. Speaking about her acting, Parineeti is trying too hard to look like a feisty warrior and you just know that it is not coming to her naturally but all she is doing is acting. Parineeti as a RAW was absolutely not convincing but kudos to her for actually picking up a character like Durga. Her weak performance even made this movie yawnsome. Moreover, her face is mostly covered in the most of the action sequences that makes us believe that her stunt double is doing half of her work.

Harrdy Sandhu plays the role of Doctor Mirza Ali in the movie. After making a debut in 83 and delivering a promising performance, Code Name Tiranga was a disappointment. As he is seen in the limited screen space, all I see him doing is ‘Oh chann di kudi badla di behn Saare tenu bijlee bijlee kehn’ (imagine him doing the hook step). He offers nothing to the plot apart from being Parineeti’s love interest. No, wait, why am I saying this? Well, he is the one who brings the love story angle but a lousy one. P.S. Harrdy Sandhu looks hot AF in the movie!


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Sharad Kelkar essays the role of Khalid Omar, the most wanted terrorist in the movie. Given the fact that he is quite an amazing actor, his act seems quite minimal, maybe due to a mediocre plot.


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Direction/ Screenplay:

Ribhu Dasgupta is the director as well the story writer of the movie. He has previously helmed Girl On The Train; however, he once again delivers a mediocre story. To be honest, the idea of Code Name Tiranga seems like a good movie on paper but when it comes to showcasing on the celluloid level, you will find it chaotic as well as poorly constructed. The moment Dasgupta started adding new elements in the movie, it started to become a little drag and basic.

Coming to the climax, well, they shot the action sequence in Call of the Duty style that was quite interesting and fun to watch. Nevertheless, the weirdest part was the face off between Omar and Durga. You know it is the most anticipated face-off but boy, it falls flat on face. It was a dud. Considering that Parineeti is a RAW agent and is well versed with guns, I was wondering if she forgot how to use in the end and you will know why I said this once you watch the movie.


Overall, Code Name Tiranga is quite a mediocre movie that you can skip it easily. Not sure if Parineeti Chopra starrer was a patriotic movie or a love story as she delivers a very confusing story. You can watch it if you want them to mess with your head but I can assure you, you will leave the theatre with a headache. No kidding! Don’t want to be harsh or something here but the movie was quite a dud to me. 2 stars just for good cinematography and for stellar actors like Rajit Kapur and Dibyendu Bhattacharya.

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