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Yash Chopra’s movies are cinematically beautiful and mesmerising. His movies like Kabhi Kabhie, Silsila, and Chandni are so beautiful and visually stunning. In fact, every actress wants to be a Yash Chopra heroine; however, this was not the case with late actor Sridevi. That’s right. There was a time when she was sceptical about doing Chandni as her mother was not really convinced about the movie. So much so that, Yash Chopra asked Boney Kapoor to convince Sridevi to do the Chandni

Yash Chopra on making Chandni

In Netflix’s new docu-series The Romantics, one of the episodes has the late filmmaker talking about the 1989 film in detail. Talking about the reason why he made Sridevi starrer Chandni, Yash Chopra said, “Our industry had reached the saturation point of violence. So, I was like, I will do the biggest gamble of my life, whatever happens. I won’t make a film with a formula or calculation. I will make a film that will touch my heart, I started Chandni.

Boney Kapoor on convincing Sridevi for Chandni

In the same series, Anil Kapoor revealed, “He asked my brother (Boney Kapoor) to speak to her. So my brother flew down to Chennai to talk to her mother. It didn’t matter to her who Yash Chopra is who has made such great films, it was just the money.

Sridevi’s mother had objections to her costumes

The late filmmaker wanted Chandni dressed in white costumes but Sridevi was against it as she thought it looked dull. Even though she accepted to do it, she was not okay with her costumes. He said, “I wanted to dress her most simply, Chandni should be pure innocence.” His wife Pamela Chopra further added, “Yash was always known as a person who dressed his actresses beautifully. He had visualised Chandni in a completely white wardrobe.” He then told her, “I have faith in you as an actor, in your performance, if you have faith in me as a director, I like to present you as I want.

After Sridevi, her mother came to him and said, “White in our community is not considered festive at all.” Interestingly, her white costumes are considered to be iconic in the fashion industry. In fact, people are even recreating her look to date.

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