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Touted to be the glam goddess of Bollywood during the 50s and 60s, Helen is celebrating her 85th birthday today. Known to set the stage on fire with her sensual moves, Helen was also a trendsetter as she decked up way ahead of her time. She was known for wearing different colours of wigs, contact lenses and skimpy outfits in her movies.

Apart from professional, she also faced turmoil in her personal life when she started dating writer Salim Khan when he was married to Salma Khan and had kids – Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan. Helen got married to Salim Khan in 1981. They adopted Arpita, making one big happy family.

The family shares a cordial relationship and is seen celebrating every occasion together. However, things have not been easy for Helen and Salma. As Helen celebrates her birthday today, let’s take a look at the time Helen Ji opened up about hiding from Salma out of respect when she was dating Salim Khan.

When Helen opened up about her equation with Salma Khan

The actress shared about her equation with Salma with Arbaaz Khan on his chat show The Invincibles. The veteran actress recalled how she tiptoed and hid in her car as she respected Salma Ji. She shared, “In the beginning, what I used to do, you know when I used to pass Bandstand, and I would know sometimes Mummy [Salma] is standing in the balcony, I would duck right down so she would not see me and think that the car would be empty near your house. I used to keep her respect so much.” Arbaaz also added that with time, the family’s equation with Helen has changed. Currently, Salma calls to question Helen when doesn’t attend a family event.

Helen on how her relationship with Salim Khan grew

Talking about how the work relationship turned into an emotional attachment, Helen asserted, “In those days he must have heard of me going through a lot of court cases and all that because of that he gave me a role in Imaandaar, Dostana, Don and then we became friends. I used to come over, mommy (Salma) was very nice”.

On how it was a tough phase for Salma

Arbaaz highlighted that it must have been a difficult phase in her life, Helen admitted that things were tougher for Salma Khan. “I never ever wanted a separation from the family. I would never have stayed on I couldn’t take that and of course, a lot of credit goes to Mom. She must have gone through a lot at that time, I’m 100 sure of it but again I think Destiny brought me close to all of you and I must thank all of you.”

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