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Bollywood icon, Late Rishi Kapoor enjoyed a storied career, transitioning from leading romantic roles to compelling character portrayals. In his youth, he shouldered movies with charisma, often starring as the quintessential romantic hero. However, as time passed, Kapoor embraced character roles, delivering memorable performances such as the menacing Zulfikar in ‘Fanaa’ (2006), Rauf Lala in ‘Agneepath’ (2012), and the beloved Amarjeet Kapoor, also known as Daadu, in ‘Kapoor and Sons’ (2016).

Rishi Kapoor once wanted to quit acting

Despite his success, there came a point when Kapoor grew disillusioned with playing the romantic lead. He expressed his frustration, stating, “I was fed up with working continuously for 25 years as a hero, that also with defying the age, body and fat factors. I was fed up of running round trees chasing girls in Switzerland in ornate sweaters.” A pivotal conversation with his wife and veteran actress, Neetu Kapoor, prompted him to consider retiring. Reflecting on this, Kapoor shared, “My wife said ‘you are not enjoying your work; you are looking tired and are miserable, I think you had better hang up your boots’.”

Temporarily bidding farewell to acting, Kapoor ventured into character roles, featuring in films like ‘Raju Chacha and ‘Kuch Khatti Kuchh Meethi.’ Despite his hiatus, he remained prolific, with approximately 18 films released between 2000 and 2010. Even in his final cinematic outing, released in 2020, Kapoor continued his legacy of character-driven performances. In ‘Sharmaji Namkeen,’ he portrayed a retired senior citizen who found solace in cooking during his twilight years. The film, which featured Paresh Rawal in scenes resonated deeply with audiences, affirming Kapoor’s enduring appeal and talent.

Today, 30th of April marks 4 years of Rishi Kapoor’s death anniversary. The late actor is widely known and loved even today. Several prolific actors look up to his acting and his great art as an inspiration.

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