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When Saira Banu made her debut on Instagram this year, one expected to find gems of nostalgia there. And the veteran actress has been delivering that constantly without fail. We all do stupid and embarrassing things while growing up and even Saira ji was the same. In her latest post, she recalled one such incident that included her, husband Dilip Kumar and her ‘akka’ Vyjayanthimala.

Saira Banu on getting jealous of Vyjayanthimala’s closeness to Dilip Kumar

Saira ji recalled the time in 1958 when she used to live in London with her brother. Being a film fanatic, the veteran actress used to stick images of her ‘favourite heartthrobs’ on the wall. It included Dilip saab as well as ‘King of Rock’ Elvis Presley, ‘towering’ Rock Hudson and ‘enigmatic’ James Dean. Saira ji and her brother Sultan loved the letterbox at their home. Letters from their mother and friends gave them comfort whenever they felt homesick.

Saira ji’s mother even used to send her film magazines often as she knew the veteran actress’ love for Hindi cinema. She recalled, “In one such magazine, there was this photo of “MADHUMATI” which was considered bold at that time where Sahib was romantically resting his face on Vyjayantimala’s forehead. It was a beautiful photo and in my childishness, I got so jealous of Sahib’s proximity to her face that I took a pair of scissors and deftly started to snip away that portion of the photograph. Just imagine! What made this incident great is how Saira ji laughs on herself. She said, “I am hysterical with laughter when I recall this.”

Saira ji’s relationship with Vyjayanthimala

The two iconic actresses went on to develop a beautiful relationship like sisters. Even Saira ji mentioned that Vyjayanthimala ji is like her Akka (elder sister). She revealed that they talk every other week with each other. But before that incident in 1958, Saira ji had never seen her Akka’s work. She shared, “Until then I had never seen her in any film and as fate would have it I grew up to meet, admire, and associate with her as a member of my family. There are many interesting memories with her wherein I hold “Akka’ in high esteem and shall narrate it one day.”

Saira ji’s Instagram is a treasure trove of stories and as she has promised, we can’t wait for more exciting stories from her.

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