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Aamir Ali is currently basking in the glory of the positive reviews coming in for his grey role in ‘Naxalbari’. The actor who’s done his share of comedy & chocolate boy roles in the past, got out of his comfort zone to explore the grey side and as per the critics, has shone out as Amber Keswani in ‘Naxalbari’, a show which is gaining momentum by the hour.

A section of the audiences has gone farther & compared his look to that of the international heartthrob from ‘Money Heist’, El professor & finding uncanny similarities between the show.


Aamir, who lives with his mother in Mumbai & was recently spotted taking her out for a drive, shared this strange request by his mother after she sat through the show. Aamir candidly shares, “I didn’t expect my mother to watch ‘Naxalbari’, but like every mother, she was proud of what I did & binge-watched it. However she loved me in the glasses I wore for the show & she randomly asked me, if I could put them on & suggested a change of look would do me good. I was taken aback by this reaction. But I happily obliged & I sometimes wear those glasses while running errands.”


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“I’m thrilled with the feedback coming in, especially for my look. I can now try and be more experimental with my looks,” he adds.

We recently had a video interview with Aamir. You can check it out here.

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