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Avika Gor, who began her acting career at a young age, has faced numerous positive and negative experiences in the industry. Known for her role in Balika Vadhu, Avika recently disclosed a disturbing incident that occurred in Kazakhstan, where she was inappropriately touched by a bodyguard who was supposed to protect her. In a candid interview on The Male Feminist segment in Hautterfly, she recounted the unsettling experience.

Avika Gor recalls getting harassed by her security guard

Avika said, “I remember someone touched me from behind. When I turned back, there was only the security guard. I remember when I was going on stage, someone tried to touch me from behind. As soon as I turned back, I remembered that I had only seen the security guard and no one else. I remember that it was going to happen for the second time and I stopped it.”

“It is shameful… I just looked at him and was like, ‘What?’ and he just apologised. So what do I do after that? So I just let it go. They don’t know what effect his act is having on the other person,” added the actor.

At that moment, she didn’t know what else she could do. But things have changed, and she knows how to handle it. She said, “If I had the courage to turn around and give it, then I would have hit a lot of people by now. Now I think I can do it, but I hope it doesn’t come to that”.

She also mentioned her mother’s foresight in educating her about such dangers. “My mother told me to do most things on my own which involved being touched like putting the microphone on. She told me to let others touch me only for things that can’t be done by myself like make-up,” Avika shared, highlighting how she was imbued with such awareness at a young age as a child artist.

Avika Gor on professional front

Avika Gor rose to fame with the 2008 Hindi TV show Balika Vadhu. She acted in shows like Sasural Simar Ka and Laado, and films such as Uyyala Jampala, Net, and Thank You. Debuting as a lead in Tollywood in 2013, Avika has worked in Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada films. She will next appear in the Hindi film Bloody Ishq.

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