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Bigg Boss season 17 eighth Weekend Ka Vaar is all set to take place and host Salman Khan is back with a bang. From schooling housemates for their violent acts to indulging in fun banter with wild card contestant, the Weekend Ka Vaar promises high voltage drama. As per recent Bigg Boss 17 promo, Salman Khan labels Abhishek Kumar as ‘Most nakli contestant’, while reprimands Mannara Chopra for her behaviour towards Munawar Faruqui.

Salman Khan slams Abhishek Kumar

This week, massive fight took place between Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya during an immunity task. The two ended up indulging in a physical fight. Addressing violent behaviour of Abhishek Kumar and derogatory remarks he made for Isha, Salman Khan bashed him during Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar. He said, “Charge karna, chillana… most nakli contestant is ghar me jo hain wo hain Abhishek. Same tone aap mujhpe use karlijiyega aur main aapko bataunga. Isha ko ye kahna ki raat ko kahi aur ja kar…agar ye baat mere saamne ki hoti to main aako nichod data. (Charging towards Isha, screaming at her…if there is the most contestant in the Bigg Boss house, it is Abhishek. Telling Isha to go somewhere for the night… had you said the same thing in front of me, I would have wrung you).”

Salman Khan exposes Mannara Chopra’s game

In the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Tiger 3 actor expresses his disappointment over Mannara Chopra. He says, “ I’m very upset with you, Mannara. Humari laadli gudiya, wo Umar chali gayi hai (Our beloved doll, that age is gone).” Further, Salman Khan turns to Munawar Faruqui, and in a jiff, he replies, “Mai samjha chuka hoon (I have made her understand).” To this, Salman explains, “Yeh aapki responsibility nahi hai. Iske dimaag mei kuch nahi aayega (This is not your responsibility. Nothing will come to her mind).” Salman further says Mannara, “Mai kis pe bharosa nahi kar sakti toh tum par kyun koi bharosa kare? Yeh khud game khel rahi hai (I can’t trust anyone, so why should anyone trust you? She is playing herself a game).”

Apart from this, wild card contestant K-pop singer will enter the house. He indulges in fun banter with Salman Khan on stage. He also quips that he loves sexy women and is not interested in cooking.

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