‘Bigg Boss 14’: Arshi Khan had intimated her team to not attack Vikas Gupta

Image Source - Instagram

In the major twist and turns happening inside the ‘Bigg Boss 14′ house, in the latest episode, we saw a completely different side of the Arshi-Vikas scenario. Arshi revealed that Vikas and her fight was pre-planned and the whole instigation was a plan the duo had walked into the house with.

So for the unversed, ex-‘Bigg Boss’ contenders, Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta had entered the ‘Bigg Boss 14’ house as contenders and slowly, things turned sour between the two. Their fight became so intense that Vikas ended up pushing Arshi inside the pool resulting him being shown the exit door from the game.

While the whole internet has come out in support of Vikas, Arshi narrated a different story altogether which made everyone rethink their perspectives. Arshi revealed, “Uss din Vikas ne confession room mein jaa kar ye kaha ki Arshi Khan ne mujhe touch kiya. Toh mujhe waha par thoda sa bura laga ki ek insaan agar mujhe ye bolta hai ki hum andar jaakar 3 hafte tak ladayi karenge aur andar jaakar touch waali baat karta hai aur mujh par ilzaamat lagata hai. Uske baad usne mujhse haath jodkar kaha ki maine shuruat mein ye khwahish zaahir ki thi hum saath mein Milkar khelenge lekin ab hum saath mein milkar nahi khelenge. Uske baad humaari jo ladayi huyi woh real thi”(That day Vikas went inside the confession room and said that I touched him, I felt bad after that. Because he (Vikas) only told me that we will fight for the initial 3 weeks and then he flips from his own said statement. He then came to me with his folded hands and told me that we decided that we will play this game together but now we are not playing this game together. And after that whatever we fought was all real).

And now her social media team has released a statement on her behalf narrating a different side to their story. Their tweet read. “And #ArshiKhan proved to us she’s a 1-woman army. We knew everything & she told us Vikas ko zyada attack mat karna. Aaj pata chala ke wo fight real tha. #VikasGupta wen u plan something, don’t go against d person helping you. Show some integrity next time 🙏 @ColorsTV @BiggBoss”.

In the last episode, we heard Arshi’s side of the story. It would be really interesting to see Arshi’s game in the coming days of the game.

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