‘Bigg Boss 13’ Written Updates, Day 66: Vikas, Asim, Rashami or Shefali-Who will be the next captain?

The letter task has taken the contestants of ‘Bigg Boss‘ on an emotional roller coaster. Knowing that they have messages from their loved ones, some had tears in their eyes, and some faced the dreaded spot of seeing their letters churned down the machines. While some chose emotions, mastermind Vikas Gupta, Asim, Rashami, and Shefali held their grounds and didn’t let any emotions come in their way to captaincy. That’s not all, having crushed their housemates’ emotions, it’s now time for the four contenders to become ‘Kathputlis’!

Punjabi beats and bhangra take over the otherwise sleepy house, they wake up to the song – ‘Kadke Gilasi Tere’. Failing to get some of them out of their blankets, Bigg Boss uses his signature ‘Khukadoo Koo’ to make sure the house is up and rolling. The fights over house duties continue as Shefali, Madhurima, Vishal and Arti get into a verbal spat over responsibilities. Just when everyone thought that love is blooming again between Madhurima and Vishal, they were shocked to see an ugly fight between the two. While Vishal confessed of having a soft corner for his ex-lady love Madhurima, she seems to be least affected. But the housemates feel otherwise because they can surely see a suppressed spark between the two.

On the other hand, Paras and Sidharth Shukla are in for a surprise. Bigg Boss pleasantly stupefies Sidharth and Paras by giving them the power to control the 4 kathputlis that is Asim, Shefali, Rashami and Vikas. Now the kathputlis must perform an act or task or whatever is asked of them by the voice in their earpiece. Taking complete advantage of the situation, Paras and Sidharth fight for their loved ones inside the house. While Asim and Shefali are made to get into a fight, Rashami disguises herself as a Joker and is asked to spread happiness. She praises and pampers Mahira and Sana, who otherwise have been hurt by Rashami’s actions and comments previously. Turning the game into a fun banter, Bigg Boss decides to further add challenges into the captaincy task. The ‘Kathputli’ game will now continue the next day, till then the ‘Kathputlis’ are free to live their normal contestant life in the house.

Who’s act will win them the captaincy? Will the task break relationships or mend them? To know you have to watch today’s episode.

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