‘Bigg Boss 14’ Written Updates, Day 56: Panelists are seen grilling the contestants

The Weekend Ka Vaar episodes are something which both the housemates and the fans of ‘Bigg Boss‘ look forward to tremendously. While the fans are excited to see what nee move from Bigg Boss will shake things up in the house, the contestants, too, are on the edge as they face master host Salman Khan!

First things first, Salman hits the nail on the head when he questions Jasmin and Rubina about their friendship, and whether it exists anymore or not. Rubina and Jasmin both have valid points and while it is apparent that they did share good times in the house, a reconciliation seems tough. The two accuse each other of not valuing their respective friendships.

Next up is a very special panel consisting of members who are close friends of the housemates. This panel consists of Kamya Panjabi, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Sandip Sikand and Ronit Biswas. Since each of the panellists is close to the housemates and have followed the game religiously, they know just what to ask the housemates.

Kamya grills Jasmin on why she is acting differently after Aly entered the game. While Kamya tells Jasmin that she is turning negative in the game, Sandip advises her to not make anyone her walking stick and to stand up on her own. Sandip also pulls up Kavita and tells her she is acting like her police character in the house. He tells her that it is because she is targeting people in the house that others are targeting her. Devoleena, too, has advice for Rubina and Jasmin. She tells them it is not a couple-show but a show for individuals, so they better play their individual games!

Salman, too, asks the panel whether Rubina is showing her full potential in the game, to which the panelists have some very interesting answers.

Will Rubina and Abhinav finally play their own individual games? Will Rubina and Jasmin now turn into the biggest rivals in the house?

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