‘Bigg Boss 13’: Gauahar Khan takes a dig at Hindustani Bhau for body-shaming Mahira Sharma

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Hindustani Bhau has landed himself in a major controversy in the ‘Bigg Boss 13′ house when he called Mahira Sharma ‘Bade Hothon Wali Chipkali’. This statement of Bhau has got him in a lot of trouble as people have been calling it body shaming. Recently, ‘Bigg Boss 7’ winner Gauahar Khan slammed Hindustani Bhau indirectly for body-shaming Mahira.

Recently Bigg Boss gave Hindustani Bhau a task of creating videos on his housemates in his own signature style. During which he made one video on Mahira in which he called her ‘Bade Hothon Wali Chipkali’. This got Mahira very upset. Post that Devoleena was seen telling Bhau what he did was wrong.

Gauhar Khan took to her Twitter handle to express her disdain with the whole situation. She wrote, “Kya yaar , koi aadmi bhains bula raha hai, koi bade hoth waali chipkali , aur doosri ladki jo har mudde mein Zaroor ghusti hain , bolti hain , EK numberrrrr !Wow ! The only one who spoke correctly addressing the issue of body shaming was devoleena , uspar bhi aapatti thi unko!(sic)

Gauahar Khan
Image Source - Instagram

Later the actress had taken down the tweet.

Apart from Gauahar Khan, Mahira’s mother Sania Sharma was also upset over Bhau’s words. She told Spotboye.com, “I am extremely disturbed with his (Hindustani Bhau) comments. One should have a command on his language especially when you are being seen on National TV. I am very disappointed that he is calling my daughter lizard and commenting on her lips size just to make his video entertaining. I was very happy when he entered the house and called my daughter her younger sister. But with his latest act, I just want to ask how can a brother make fun of his own sister on such a big platform just to get some footage?

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