Karanvir Bohra: No qualms with Sidharth Shukla winning, but was rooting for Asim Riaz

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Karanvir Bohra was one of the strongest contestants of the Bigg Boss house in the previous season. So when he speaks out loud about any contestant, we sure want to stand up and take notice. During a recent chat with Bollywood Bubble, he spoke highly about the latest season of the show, and also spoke about how he was rooting for Asim Riaz to win and not Sidharth Shukla.

Well, there has been an ongoing debate ever since the finale episode aired as to who should have won ‘Bigg Boss 13’. While many people are agreeing to the fact that Sidharth Shukla was the worthy winner, there is a huge camp of fans who believe that there was some lobbying for Sidharth and actually, Asim Riaz should have won. While there is absolutely no concrete evidence as to whether or not the votings were rigged, we respect what Karanvir Bohra has to say about the winners. Check out the full video to know:

Karanvir Bohra said, “I would have wanted Asim Riaz to win. I liked his journey. I liked the way how he started from being a nobody and showed his positives and negatives and standing up for who he is. But congratulations to Sidharth Shukla too. It’s a good comeback for him.

KVB went on to also talk about Bigg Boss as a show. “Staying in that house for that long is not easy. We need to accept people for who they are. But staying in that house is not easy. So hats off to all who went on till the finale,” concludes Karanvir. His wife, Teejay Sidhu, who also was with him in the interview, seconded the thoughts, adding that the two of them usually have the same opinions about things.

Let’s wait and watch whether Sidharth Shukla or Asim Riaz have to say anything about Karanvir Bohra’s comments on their Bigg Boss journey. Stay hooked onto Bollywood Bubble for more such interesting stories.

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