EXCLUSIVE: Shamita Shetty on claims of channel favouring her: I didn’t win, will you still question Colors?

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Shamita Shetty has been one of the strongest contestants of Bigg Boss 15 and emerged as the third runner up in the show. She has managed to win audiences’ hearts many times with her performance. The actress is currently getting lots of love and appreciation from the audience for her journey on the reality show. She may not have won the show but her fans are already considering her as the winner.

Now, in an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble, the Zeher actress opened up on the channel favouring her in the show. She said: “I’ve shared a very good relation with Colors. I’ve done some of the biggest reality shows with them. When I was offered this one (Bigg Boss 15) also, I told them, ‘listen what to point of doing this? I know I’m not going to win.’ So, I get into any reality show, with this thought in my mind, knowing the audience may take me to finale 5 or 3, I never win. So, I don’t really know, how it works, it’s wrong for me to comment because I don’t know the truth, but I can say that I was disappointed when Pratik (Sehajpal) did not win. All of us were.”

Further, she also reacted to the claims of Bigg Boss 15 host Salman Khan and Bigg Boss OTT host Karan Johar being biased towards her. “Salman has also shouted at me very badly when I was wrong. He has corrected me the same way he has corrected people. Karan did the same with me, now, somebody else has won, the actor Shamita Shetty has not won. Now, will you question Colors? Where is the question of anybody being biased towards me. I hope this ends here. These judgements, opinions that people have, it takes away from the hard work somebody is putting in. I have put in my heart and soul into this game. I had nothing left to give, that it how much I put into this show. It’s very simple, very easy for people to sit in the house, switch on the TV, watch the show for 1 hour and make this comment. But they don’t know what that person is going through. I was not treated as a so-called celebrity from Bollywood in the house. I ate the same food, yes, mine was gluten-free as I have a medical issue and I had the certificate that allowed me that food inside,  I still loss 6 kilos because there was ration. I washed utensils, I still kept the house clean, I did exactly what other people were doing. So, where is this so-called different treatment given to me? Let’s focus on the actual reality. I don’t understand why it is easy for people to make these assumptions, it is not right!”

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