Dipika Chikhlia: ‘Ramayan’s Sita was probably the first single mother in the history of Indian culture

Image Source - Instagram

Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayan’ is being broadcasted once again on Doordarshan after 33 years. The actors who played Ram, Lakshman and Sita, i.e, Arun Govil, Sunil Lahri and Dipika Chikhlia have become the talk of the town. Recently, Dipika recently spoke about playing Sita and said she was the first single mother in Indian Culture.

Talking about the show Dipika spoke to ETimes, “In Uttar Ramayan, the glam quotient which you had seen in Ramayan, lessens. It becomes a simple story of Valmiki ji, Luv Kush, motherly love, kids’ education and all. It is the story of a single mother. I think she is the first single mother in the history of Indian culture. It is very interesting. She leaves the palace when she was pregnant.” 

Speaking about the younger generation’s reaction to the show she said, “I am happy that the younger generation is reaching out to me. Didn’t expect the social media and the press to go ga-ga over it. Everyone is hooked on to it and there are lovely memes being shared. It is just fascinating. There’s more transparency in terms of fan communication and messages. Happy to receive all the love.”  Dipika added, “I also had fans who got their newborns and asked me to bless them. They would come to us. We never received any love letters or nasty comments. We have always been respected.”

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