EXCLUSIVE: Gauahar Khan reacts to constant pregnancy rumours, says, ‘Even when I have a baby, I will still work’

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Gauhar Khan tied the knot with Zaid Darbar in a fairytale wedding on December 25 last year. The couple had the internet buzzing with their whirlwind romance which no one saw coming. But once Gauhar became Mrs Darbar everyone had only one question that when will she have a Baby. Gauahar’s pregnancy rumours spread like wildfire on the internet multiple times and it must have been taxing for the actress. So when we sat down for a candid chat with Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar, we asked the couple about the constant pregnancy rumours that she is bombarded with.

Gauahar told Bollywood Bubble, “Now I am at a point where I dont really give a damn. You may think what you want, you may believe what you what. I know what I have in my life, I know my family, I know my husband and that’s about it.” Zaid added, “There are some times when you know you are right but you still have to be quiet. You dont have to explain it.”

Gauahar said, “Zaid kind of thought me that, you dont have to react t everything. Let them talk, ok go ahead.” Zaid said, “They want a reaction.” Gauhar continued, “Everything- when it comes to women it comes with a shelf-life be it Marriage and pregnancy. I am going to make sure that I change that. Like the way I have changed for over my 20 years of my career where people said that model’s cant act, if you will lead only then your career will be made. I have broken everything. Trust me when I have a baby, it is not like I am only going to do that. I am going to do it all. The fact of the matter is that I have a husband who knows that it is not whether he allows me or someone allows me or anything like that.”

Zaid said, “It is her life, she has made her own career. I am nobody to interfere.”

Gauhar said, “Someone asked me yesterday that have I become Gauhar Khan Darbar. I said no, I am still Guahar Khan because in Islam firstly you dont take up your husband’s name, you are known by your father’s name and secondly, he has no such qualms”

Check out the full conversation below:

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