Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali producer Sandiip Sikcand: Indian audience loves watching two people in love

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Producer, director, writer Sandiip Sikcand has contributed a lot to Indian Television. His shows are always about good content, onscreen jodis with sizzling chemistry and they are etched in people’s memories.

From on-screens jodis like Bani-Jay (Kasamh Se) to Ishita-Raman (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein), Rohit-Sonakshi (Kahan Hum Kahan Tum) and now Raghav-Pallavi of Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali, Sandiip has always given importance to his ‘Jodis’ and he feels it is the most integral part of any Indian television drama.

While there is no secret formula to making these Jodis the hit pair that they have been loved and recognized for, Sandiip feels that it’s more about how the jodi is being enacted and perceived on screen, which makes it easier for him to shape and mould the pair. “Yes there have been many jodis created by me which have gone onto become very popular and hit jodis of those shows, and while there is a lot of thought that goes behind creating these pairs, I personally prefer viewing them on air and observing how they are looking together on screen and what their chemistry is bringing out, and it is only then that I start creating a broader storyline for that jodi. A lot of my onscreen pairings were not initially chalked out the way they looked on screen, but they were moulded a lot more on the basis of what those particular actors brought on their own to their characters and that pair, which helped my writers and I work on them in a much more structured manner.  For example both Raghav and Pallavi’s characters in Mehendi were not initially looking the way they are right now, but the way Sai and Shivangi fit into the roles so well and created the ideal spark that the pairing required has enhanced the jodi in many ways. So ideally the jodis and the characters as well get a bigger push due to what the actors put into them both, so it is very important to have good actors who will enhance what the writers and directors have envisioned for their roles”, shares Sandiip.

When quizzed about the importance of good jodis to enhance a show, Sandiip shares, “On Indian Television, having the right kind of jodi on a show is very important because these jodis and characters are being watched day in and day out . These jodis become a part of your daily life, a part of your homes at a particular time slot every single day, so it is very important that these jodis not only build a strong connect between themselves but also build an immensely strong connect with the audiences who are eventually going to make or break them. Be it a Raman Ishita or a Jay Bani or even a Raghav Pallavi, each of these jodis have their own distinct flavour which makes them an audience favourite! We must also not forget that our Indian audience loves watching two people in love and together on screen, and this strength mainly lies with Indian TV shows, so it is important that jodis in any show be well highlighted”.

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